24 hours emergency medical services

We have arrangements with several medical centers in Damascus and all other Syrian cities for availability of fully equipped intensive care ambulances and emergency response mobile units.
FirstMed is committed to make a periodic audit for all these ambulances and ensure a perfect availability.
FirstMed provides 24 hours on call qualified doctor for all Damascus personnel.
The doctor primary role is to make a home medical visits to our client personnel families whenever needed and to facilitate all initial contacts with local medical doctors including dentists, hospitals, labs……in Damascus .
Any similar medical services requested in other cities is possible through FirstMed, but shall be discussed previously.


General practice health care
 24 hour / 7 days per week service

our patients are provided with traditional family care, immunization, family planning and any necessary home medical assistance.
In addition, patients have access to the best local clinical laboratories, imaging services which provide X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs, CT scans…etc, and to the best hospitals or other medical facilities.
Our medical team will work closely with all our clients, and will carry out all the following medical services:
-FirstMed gives any medical advice to our client management on occupational health issues such as epidemic diseases, vaccination programs…. 
-FirstMed will ensure subcontractor compliance with client health and safety regulations such as hygiene inspection for catering staff….etc
-FirstMed will advice our client management on the significance of personnel medical conditions as they relate to work.
-FirstMed will arrange any necessary specialist clinic visits and all medical works with escort when needed.
-FirstMed will advice our client management on any potential health hazards in Damascus, region , or the country.

 local and international
medical evacuation services

 FirstMed will conduct all medical evacuation from any location of Syria.
In the event a medical evacuation becomes necessary, FirstMed seizes complete control, arranging medical care, logistic support and coordinating the evacuation process.
 A professional and efficient service is guaranteed at all times through carefully planned and executed procedures. FirstMed can provide our client an aero-medical transfer by air ambulance and this will be carried out through our sister company First Aero Services-FAS-, which has an agreements and contracts with international air ambulance operators around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week bases.

Any air medical evacuation shall comply with regulations and guidelines of the client .This service shall include arranging patient transfer by ground ambulance, hospital admission, attending physicians, all communication with the requested international medical facilities, ambulance aircraft availability, airport clearances, as well as in all cases, communicating with client personnel.


Full medical services

FirstMed provides medical services for all of our patient needs ,we provide the following services :
- pre employment screening.
-post illness or incident fitness assessment.
-well person screening.
-annual medical checks.
- catering screening.
-vaccination advisory service.

Inpatient care

FirstMed has arrangements with a network of best private hospitals in Damascus and other Syrian cities for admission our patients at any time and providing the highest quality of medical care under supervision of FirstMed doctors.
 All these hospitals are fully equipped and staffed to handle seriously ill or injured patients. FirstMed will monitor the patient condition and ensure an appropriate provision of medical care.

Basic and advanced first aid
training programs

FirstMed offers first aid training from basic to advanced first aid level of internationally recognized standards.
The courses can be designed in accordance with the specific needs of our clients. A licensed instructor can conduct training in Arabic as well as in English. We conduct training instructions in a special training center or in appropriate room at client site.

 Hygiene inspection

FirstMed provides hygiene inspections, guidelines and instruction for hotels and company catering services.
This enables the companies to provide a safe and high standard of services to their customers or workers..
Our hygiene inspection includes taking a water samples for chemical and bacteriological analysis.

 Remote site medical support

FirstMed personnel have a wide experience in providing a complete medical services in remote sites which include, but are not limited to the following:
-On site immediate medical treatment for routine and emergency cases. This can be accomplished by 24 hours on site qualified doctor or medic.
-Rapid evacuation of severely ill or injured patients to a nearby medical center which has a contract or arrangement with FirstMed. This evacuation can be carried out by a 24 hours on site fully equipped ambulance can be provided by FirstMed.
-Portable clinic: FirstMed can provide and prepare all medical equipment, consumable and non consumable medical supplies and medications needed for all industrial and oil projects.

 Procurement and equipment supply

 FirstMed can supply medical equipment and medications needed for various purposes, such as AED machine, vehicle first aid kits, home and office first aid kits, fire blankets……


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