Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Company:


- Does FirstMed have24- hours hotline?
Yes, Our on-call doctors is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week for our subscribers and members.

-Where are FirstMed located?
FirstMed has a main office in Damascus-Syria, and has a network of medical provides throughout Syria.

-What languages do your customers service personnel speak?
English and Arabic.  If there is any need for other languages , FirstMed and customer can agree and manage.

-When was FirstMed founded?
FirstMed founded in 2007 by a group of personnel who have over 12 years of experience in a similar job through direct agreements with international companies.


2- Subscription and Membership Administration:


-How we/I need to be a subscriber /member in FirstMed?
FirstMed provides a subscription to any company or group in Syria, and provides an individual membership to any local or expatriate person if both parties( FirstMed+ subscriber or member) agree with few terms and conditions.
 Please go to subscription to FirstMed or Individual Membership with FirstMed .

-Do I have to go through my insurance company to make a claim for your service?
No. FirstMed services are different of insurance benefits.

-How long do I/We need to sign up with FirstMed?
For groups and companies located in Syria, our services will start depending on the direct agreement by both parties. However, for individual membership you will be a beneficiary of FirstMed services immediately after direct or by internet payment and you are or will be inside Syria.

-How can I get a receipt?
If you want a written confirmation of payment, you can get it directly or by internet at

-How can I extend or renew my policy?
For groups and companies the agreement shall be automatically renewed for further 12 months at each successive anniversary of the starting date unless termination by either party is given by written notice at least 45 day prior to such renewal by registered mail or fax.
Regarding individual membership to extend or renew a membership with FirstMed say directly or email

-How will I get my membership card and how long does it take?
You will have the membership card directly hand to hand if you are in Syria, or emailed to you within 24 hours after payment.

-How can I make a payment to FirstMed?
Cash payment is ok, and we accept internet payment



3- Services

-What is difference between medical assistance and health insurance?
Medical and evacuation assistance is help when you need it in Syria at any time of the day.
Health insurance is the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during a medical treatment.

-Does FirstMed offer travel insurance?
No. FirstMed provide all kinds of medical assistance, inclusive a medical evacuation by ground ambulance inside Syria and air evacuation by air ambulance (though our sister company First Aero Services-FAS- / from Syria to abroad. Any air evacuation requires payment in advance.

-Is FirstMed a medical insurance provider?
No. FirstMed is a medical assistance company working in Syria.

-Can FirstMed provide me with pre-trip information on vaccinations and medical conditions for Syria?
Yes. Following to make a subscription or membership.

-What services included in FirstMed individual membership?

* 24 hours emergency medical services:

 our emergency medical support is available 24 hours a day.
 We have an arrangements with several medical centers in Damascus and some of other Syrian cities for availability of fully equipped intensive care ambulances and emergency response mobile units.
 FirstMed is committed to make a periodic audit for all these ambulances and ensure a perfect availability.
 FirstMed provides 24 hours on call qualified doctor for all Damascus clients. The doctor primary role is to make a home medical visits to our clients whenever needed and to facilitate all initial contacts with local medical doctors including dentists, hospitals, labs……in Damascus

In the event the client needs an emergency assistance in other city of Syria, he can connect our doctor by the phone who will advise him of the best course of action.

*General practice health care- 24 hour/7 days per week service:

 our patients are provided with traditional family care, immunization, family planning and any necessary home medical assistance. In addition, patients have access to the best local clinical laboratories, imaging services which provide X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs, CT scans…etc, and to the best hospitals or other medical facilities.
Our medical team will work closely with all our clients, and will carry out all the following medical services:
-FirstMed gives any medical advice to our clients on occupational health issues such as epidemic diseases, vaccination ….
-FirstMed will arrange any necessary specialist clinic visits and all medical works with escort when needed.
-FirstMed will advice our clients on any potential health hazards in Damascus, region , or the country.

*local and international medical evacuation services:

 FirstMed will conduct all medical evacuation from any location of Syria. In the event a medical evacuation becomes necessary, FirstMed seizes complete control, arranging medical care, logistic support and coordinating the evacuation process.
 A professional and efficient service is guaranteed at all times through carefully planned and executed procedures. FirstMed can arrange any aero-medical transfer by air ambulance through its sister company First Aero Services-FAS-..This service shall include arranging patient transfer by ground ambulance, hospital admission, attending physicians, all communication with the requested international medical facilities, airport clearances, and aircraft ambulance availability.

*Inpatient care:

 FirstMed has arrangements with a network of best private hospitals in Damascus and other Syrian cities for admission our patients at any time and providing the highest quality of medical care under supervision of FirstMed doctors.
 All these hospitals are fully equipped and staffed to handle seriously ill or injured patient.
 FirstMed will monitor the patient condition and ensure an appropriate provision of medical care.


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